Water Heater Replacement in Mansfield, TX

Water Heater Replacement in Mansfield, Texas

Replacement, Repair and Installation Service

It’s frustrating when you run out of water midway through a shower. Suddenly icy water hits you and ruins the entire day. Not only are you cold when you don’t want to be, but you also have to see about getting a water heater replacement. Although a repair might suffice, you could find you are looking at the expense of a new unit.

Don’t let this ruin your day. Call KMP Plumbing, Heating & Air. We will send a technician out to examine the unit and determine the best course of action. If you need a replacement unit, we’ll share the options with you. When doing so, we outline the hot water heater replacement cost and the benefits of each option. With our help, your water heater installation project will run smoothly from start to finish and you will enjoy hot water again quickly. Call or click to make an appointment today!

Should I Replace the Water Heater?

During our visit, we may find we can repair your water heater. Does this mean you should pay for a repair? The answer depends on many factors. If the unit leaks, spend the month for a water heater installation, as we cannot fix the tank on the appliance. You may find you want to spend the money on a tankless water heater replacement, as this eliminates any concerns about leaks. We will install whichever unit you feel is best for the home.

When you smell gas coming from the water heater, call us right away. This gas is dangerous to your health. We will send someone to the home to decide whether to repair or replace the unit. However, in this situation, you may feel most comfortable with a gas water heater replacement to protect your family members from harm. The same holds when your pilot light malfunctions.

It’s irritating when you run out of hot water quickly or when the water never seems to go above lukewarm. You also don’t want to take a shower or wash dishes in water that has an unusual smell. Our team can help resolve these issues and more with a new appliance.

Energy bills continue to rise, but the problem may not be inflation. Call us if you find your utility bill is skyrocketing. This increase could suggest you need to look into an electric water heater replacement or a gas model. We’ll help you find the cause of the increasing energy bill and find a solution.

Visible rust or degradation on the tank lets you know it is time for a new water heater. You want to schedule this project before the tank leaks and brings about water damage to the home. Contact us if the unit makes unusual noises, as the noises let you know the water heater isn’t working properly.

Call us about a water heater replacement if your unit is over ten years old. New models are more energy-efficient, so you may find the water heater replacement cost is minimal thanks to the money you save on your utility bills each month.

We can help with a tankless water heater replacement, a gas water heater replacement, or an electric water heater replacement. Our team undergoes training to ensure they can handle any plumbing project you have in mind.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Water Heater Replacement Services

When you don’t have hot water in the home, you need a water heater replacement immediately. Spending the money for the hot water heater replacement will ensure you can take hot showers, clean dishes thoroughly, and more around the home. Call us, and we will send someone out to handle this task for you.

Residents of Mansfield, Texas have been trusting us to handle their household repairs for over 35 years, and we would love to handle a water heater replacement for you. We arrive on time and bring the tools and equipment needed to complete most jobs during the first visit.

Customers love our prices and how we treat them as individuals rather than names and numbers. We’ll provide you with the same outstanding level of service. Our technicians are trustworthy, friendly, and reliable, and we offer emergency service, so you always have someone to call when you need a water heater replacement.

We strive to have a positive impact on the community and improve the quality of living for all. To do so, we focus on character, hard work, and integrity. Call us or click here to contact us for your plumbing and HVAC needs. We cannot wait to assist you.