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HVAC Tune-Up in Mansfield, TX

Your HVAC system sees a lot of use throughout the year, so it’s no surprise that parts can start to wear down over time. However, what you might not realize is that an HVAC tune-up can help keep your system in better shape, help it run more efficiently, and help you save money in the long run. So what is an HVAC tune-up? It’s a type of HVAC maintenance designed to keep your system in great condition and help it last longer. If you need to schedule a tune-up in Mansfield, TX, KMP Plumbing, Heating & Air can help. 

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What Is a Tune-Up?

If you haven’t had one done before, you may wonder, what is an HVAC tune-up? It’s an opportunity for a professional to thoroughly inspect your heating and air conditioning for any wear and tear or other issues. With HVAC tune-up services, it’s possible to keep your system running longer, to keep it in better shape, and to keep it running efficiently, so you don’t spend too much to keep the home comfortable. We can help make sure your system always runs as expected and help prevent potential issues.

Is a Tune-Up Really Necessary?

An HVAC tune-up may be required to keep the warranty valid in case you experience any problems with your system. However, even if your system is out of warranty, it’s still a good idea to have a professional AC and heating tune-up done each year in Mansfield. This is a great way to keep the system running and prevent potential issues that could lead to costly repairs. While it won’t prevent all issues the system can experience, it will help reduce the chance for something to cause the system to stop working. 

Why This Isn’t a DIY Task

It is never a good idea for you to open up your HVAC system to do an HVAC tune-up on your own. An AC and heating tune-up needs to be done properly, and it’s all too easy to miss things that will need to be repaired or replaced. It can also be dangerous to work on the system without any experience, and it’s entirely possible to end up inadvertently breaking something important during the tune-up. Instead, let our professionals handle the job to make sure it’s done right.

Our Tune-Up Checklist

When we do a tune-up, we always follow an HVAC tune-up checklist. The HVAC tune-up checklist allows us to make sure we check every part of the system for any potential issues and that nothing is missed. Some of the things we will do include the following.

  • Check for potential damage and thoroughly inspect the system
  • Do minor repairs or let you know about bigger issues
  • Replace the filters
  • Remove any clogs
  • Lubricate the system
  • Top off the refrigerant
  • Tighten connections
  • Check the airflow
  • Evaluate the performance and make recommendations to improve it if needed

When to Call for a Tune-Up

Now that it’s easy to see that an HVAC tune-up is needed, when should it be scheduled? It’s recommended to have an HVAC winter tune-up done as well as an HVAC summer tune-up to make sure the system is ready to work through all seasons. The HVAC winter tune-up should be scheduled at the end of summer or during the fall to make sure the system is ready to handle the colder weather. An HVAC summer tune-up can be scheduled for the end of winter or during the spring to get the system ready to handle the heat. 

Call Us to Schedule Your HVAC Tune-Up in Mansfield, TX

If you haven’t had HVAC maintenance done recently, or at all, and you’re ready to have your system inspected, our team at KMP Plumbing, Heating & Air can help. We offer expert HVAC tune-up services, as well as a variety of other services, and we can make sure your system is ready to handle the upcoming seasons. We’ll do a thorough inspection and make sure everything is working right so that you can pay less to keep your home comfortable and relax knowing it’s less likely the system will break down. 

A working heating and AC system is necessary to keep your home comfortable. To keep it working and help prevent potential issues, it’s recommended to have an HVAC tune-up done regularly, and our team can help with that. We offer a variety of HVAC services, including tune-ups, and can help make sure your system is ready and will last as long as possible. 

Don’t put off getting much-needed HVAC maintenance. Call (817) 453-8028 or contact KMP Plumbing, Heating & Air online today to schedule your HVAC tune-up in Mansfield.