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Air Installation in Mansfield, Texas

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Imagine returning home after a day in the hot Texas sun only to find your house feels like an oven. Your air conditioner stopped working and you need help right away. Call KMP Plumbing, Heating & Repair. We’ll send someone out right away to help. 

If we find a repair will not resolve the issue, we can set up an AC installation. With our help, you will have a comfortable home once again. Don’t put off making this call. The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can help. We have technicians on call around the clock. You may also use our online form to schedule a service. 

Central Air Conditioning

Most homeowners in Texas opt for a central AC installation. This system ensures the temperature remains consistent throughout the home. However, it can only do so when we properly size the unit for the home and place it in the correct location. 

Our technician does a load calculation when they visit the home to discuss the AC unit installation. This calculation considers the square footage of the house, the number of doors and windows, the ceiling height, and more. The technician gathers the information and does the math to determine the size of the unit. However, before moving forward with the air conditioning installation service, they ensure doing so is best for your home. 

We never attempt to sell a central AC installation unless it is in your best interests. We recognize all systems need repairs at times, so we attempt a repair first. Doing so allows you to have a comfortable home once again. However, we recommend a new AC installation in certain situations, even if we can get the existing unit working again. 

We recommend purchasing a new unit when the cost of the repair will be over 50 percent of the cost of a new air conditioning installation. You will save money in the long run by choosing this option. In addition, you should replace rather than repair systems over 12 years old. Additional problems will likely come up in the coming months, so replacing the unit with a new AC installation will save you both time and money.

We love seeing you, but if we visit the home for repairs regularly, you need to consider a home AC installation. The same holds if your AC performance is declining or your energy bills are extremely high. New models are more efficient than ones made a decade ago. You may also choose to call for an air conditioning installation service if you want smart features that allow you to control the unit regardless of where you are. 

The Benefits That Come with an AC Installation

You will find the AC unit installation increases your quality of life and your comfort. Your utility bills will drop thanks to the improved energy efficiency of the unit, and the air quality in the home will be better. The new home AC installation adds to the value of the property, and the home cools evenly. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s warranty covers many repairs, so you won’t have a massive repair bill. The planet also benefits, as new models make use of environmentally friendly refrigerants. 

Call us today and receive an AC installation that keeps the home at the desired temperature regardless of what the weather is outside. We will be available once the new installation is complete to help with maintenance, tune-ups, and more. Our goal is to be your only HVAC provider, so call to set up your new AC installation today. 

Why Choose Us to Install Your New AC?

We recognize you have choices for AC installation providers. Why should you pick us over the other options? There are several reasons we stand out in the crowd. 

We founded our company in 1985 to provide quality AC installation and other HVAC services, as we recognized our DFW neighbors needed a reliable HVAC provider. When you call us for an air conditioning installation, you get the best technicians and affordable prices. Our team is trustworthy, professional, friendly, and reliable. We treat your family as we want our families to be treated. 

Call us anytime, day or night or contact us online. We don’t want you to be miserable in your home. With the help of our team and an AC installation, we can ensure your home will be the haven you desire. We also remain available after the installation to help with questions, concerns, maintenance, or repairs. Let us know what you need and we will be there to provide it.