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Plumbing emergencies rarely happen when it’s convenient so you can’t rely on plumbers who are only available during typical business hours. For instance, a burst pipe needs immediate attention because the leak can easily cause thousands of dollars worth of water damage in mere hours. You need a KMP Emergency Plumber.

Find 24/7 Emergency Plumbing service with KMP

KMP is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle any plumbing emergency, big or small because, if you discover a burst pipe or steady leak in the middle of the night, the problem can’t wait until the morning. Above all, you need reliable emergency plumbing repair services immediately. Water damage can escalate very quickly and subsequently cost you thousands of dollars in a short amount of time.

We use a systematic approach to any plumbing emergency that is designed to quickly and accurately diagnose the source of the problem and determine the most effective solution. Our expertly trained and highly experienced plumbers will address the problem swiftly so you can get back to enjoying your property in peace. In addition to our emergency services, we can also help you determine the best plumbing upgrades for your property, handle routine inspections and maintenance, and help you identify problem areas in your property’s plumbing system so you can prevent emergencies before they appear.

Residential & Commercial Emergency Plumbing

Though the two share many similarities in functionality, there are several nuances of commercial plumbing that residential plumbing systems don’t share. Our plumbers have the experience and knowledge to perform services on both residential and commercial plumbing systems.


Single-family properties are our specialty. Our team has deep knowledge of all home plumbing systems and the ability to easily diagnose problems and find the most cost-effective solutions. Whether you live in a home or an apartment building, you can rely on our plumbers.


From your sink to your sewer and everything in between, we have the resources to handle any home plumbing emergency promptly.

Apartment Buildings

Many apartment complexes will have an emergency technician available to assist. However, these technicians aren’t typically able to handle major plumbing emergencies, which is when you should call our team in to help.


Problems with commercial plumbing can become more complex than residential emergencies as they often affect many patrons or residents. A clog in the toilet or lack of hot water can hurt business, which is why we always recommend contacting a plumber as soon as possible to keep things running smoothly.

Restaurants, Bars, and Other Eateries

These businesses are such high-traffic areas that it’s critical to solve problems immediately. Avoid bad reviews and health hazards by quickly calling for emergency services.

Motels, Hotels, and Resorts

Like restaurants, short-term accommodations often see fast turnaround and abuse of plumbing systems that may leave a bad impression on an unsuspecting guest.

Business Offices

Setbacks in plumbing can lead to sales going down, employees needing more sick days, and risking poor reputations. Business owners should quickly take care of plumbing emergencies to avoid these problems.