Garbage Disposal Repair in Mansfield, TX

Garbage Disposal Repair in Mansfield, TX

Replacement, Repair and Installation Service

Garbage disposals provide an easy way to handle a lot of the waste created when cooking, but they can break down. When you have a disposal issue in Mansfield, TX, it’s important to call for garbage disposal repair and have it fixed as soon as possible. Often, issues happen because items go down the garbage disposal that shouldn’t or because it’s getting older and starting to wear down. 

We can help with garbage disposal repair and replacement, so if yours stops working, call KMP Plumbing, Heating & Air at (817) 453-8028 or reach out through our website right away. 

Can the Garbage Disposal Be Repaired?

You may wonder if a garbage disposal installation is needed instead of repairing the one in your home. In most cases, the garbage disposal can be repaired, and you can continue to use it once it’s fixed. However, if it’s older or breaks down regularly, it may be worth the money to look into garbage disposal installation. We offer both garbage disposal repair and replacement, and we can help you decide if it’s better to repair it or go ahead and purchase a replacement. 

Reasons to Call for Repairs

If the garbage disposal isn’t working properly, garbage disposal repair is needed. Some of the reasons why you may need to call for garbage disposal repair service include the following. 

Stopped Working

If the garbage disposal is not working at all, it’s time to call for repairs. If it doesn’t turn on when you flip the switch, it may be having electrical issues, or the switch could be damaged. We can find the cause and get it working again. 

Making a Humming Noise

In most cases, garbage disposal humming noises are caused by something lodged in the blades. When you hear garbage disposal humming noises, call for fast help instead of trying to fix it on your own. 

Clogged and Won’t Drain

It may be necessary to unclog the garbage disposal if it doesn’t drain like normal. It can be necessary to unclog the garbage disposal if there is build-up from food in it, damage to the drain itself, or related issues. No matter the cause, we can get it cleaned and working. 

Leaking Under Sink

Water under the sink can be from the garbage disposal leaking, and if this is the case, it needs to be fixed right away. The garbage disposal leaking can lead to water damage under the sink, but fast repairs can help minimize the damage. 

Keep the Garbage Disposal Working

Preventing damage can be as easy as watching what goes down the garbage disposal. Never use it for items that are not food waste. Bones should never go down the garbage disposal. Grease can lead to clogs as it solidifies while going down the drain, and starchy foods can end up leading to a clog because they can build up in the drain. Clean the garbage disposal regularly to prevent build-up in the drain or around the blades, and always call for repairs at the first sign something is wrong. 

Dangers of DIY Repairs

Never work on the garbage disposal on your own. It is all too easy to be severely injured during garbage disposal repair if it ends up turning on or if you get too close to the blade because it is difficult to see what you’re doing. Instead, always leave garbage disposal repair to the professionals. Turn off the garbage disposal, let others in the house know it can’t be used, and call for a fast repair to get it working again safely and easily. 

Call Us for Garbage Disposal Repair in Mansfield, TX

If your garbage disposal is not working or isn’t working as well as it should, it’s time to get help and have it repaired. Our garbage disposal repair service includes an inspection, and we can make sure it is fully repaired and ready to use again. If it is older and you’d prefer a replacement, our team at KMP Plumbing, Heating & Air can do that, too. We’ll make sure it’s working and ready, so you can continue to depend on it to help get rid of food waste in your home. 

Don’t let a broken garbage disposal cause issues in your home. We offer expert garbage disposal repair and can arrive quickly, ready to fix your garbage disposal, so it starts working again. 

Instead of trying to figure it out and do the repairs yourself, stay safe and have it fixed right by calling KMP Plumbing, Heating & Air at (817) 453-8028. You can also contact us online to schedule garbage disposal repair in Mansfield or the surrounding area