Water Leak Detection in Mansfield, Texas

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Slab leaks can be sneaky to detect, causing damage in unseen places until you find water damage. Know the warning signs of a leak and how to find one quickly. KMP offers plumbing slab leak detection services using a wide range of cutting-edge tools and techniques designed to find leaks quickly and accurately. Our diagnostic process can help you identify the cause of a slab leak in a fraction of the usual time.

Have you noticed?

  • Unexplained water bill increases

  • Pools of water collecting in your home

  • Mold & mildew

  • Continually-cycling water heater

  • Damp carpet

  • Inadequate water pressure

  • Warm spots in your floors

If you have any of these symptoms, it’s important to get it checked out.

Other Plumbing Leaks

Some of the most common places for leaks to appear are around your water appliances. Sinks, dishwashers, toilets, and laundry machines can all spring leaks. Some may be more pronounced than others. The positive side of a major leak is you typically notice it right away and can promptly take action. The negative side is that the damage happens very quickly. A smaller leak may only cause minimal damage at first, but it will be much harder to spot. This means that small amount of damage will add up little by little into a major problem before long.

KMP can address all types of leaks. If you suspect a leak, we can help you identify its source and check your property thoroughly for the types of leaks that like to hide. Many leaks form inside drywall, hidden from sight, and they leak down into the lowest places they can reach. Water follows the path of least resistance toward the ground, so a leak on an upper floor could potentially drip down through your walls until it finally settles in your basement and accumulates over time. Let KMP handle these issues with our leak detection services.