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Summers in Mansfield, Texas, are often unbearable. The subtropical climate leaves people desperate for relief. Thankfully, a reliable air conditioner in the home provides this relief. You need help quickly if this system stops working. Call us or contact us here at KMP Plumbing, Heating & Air. We’ll get someone out to your home to make the AC repair, so you can beat the summer heat. 

How Do I Know When I Need an Air Conditioner Repair? 

It’s easy to know you need an air conditioning repair when the unit stops working completely. Regular maintenance reduces the need for repairs, but the unit may still develop problems. Contact us immediately if you see any of the following signs, as they let you know the unit is malfunctioning. 

Rising Energy Bills

Energy costs continue to increase, but your high utility bill could also be a sign you need an air conditioner repair. The high bill is the result of the unit working harder to keep the home at the selected temperature. We will come out and do a home AC repair. Our team is trained in ductless AC repair, emergency AC repair, central air conditioner repair, and more. 

Warm Air Coming From the Vents

The unit should blow cold air when the thermostat is set to cooling. When warm air comes from the vents rather than cold, contact us. A refrigerant leak or failing compressor could be the culprit. We send someone out to examine the unit and complete an AC unit repair. Once we do, your home will cool properly. 

Inadequate Airflow

Certain rooms in the home may cool while others remain warm. Don’t change clothes every time you move between rooms. Call us for an air conditioning repair service and we’ll diagnose the problem before fixing it. 

Many issues within the unit can lead to poor airflow. These issues include a blocked unit, clogged filter, or slowing fan motor. We fix these issues and more when completing your AC repair. Contact us today, and we will put you on the schedule for a technician to visit the home. 

Visible Leaks or Moisture

A blockage or break in a drain tube means you need an air conditioning repair. This problem will not fix itself. The same holds when you have a blockage in the condensate system. Our technicians can fix this issue and many others when they visit the home to complete a ductless AC repair or a central air conditioner repair. 

Unfamiliar Noises

Your AC unit runs in the background. However, you become familiar with the noises it makes. When you hear a new noise, call us for a home AC repair. This noise could indicate a part is broken or has come loose in the unit. Putting off the air conditioner repair could lead to a higher bill or the need for a replacement unit. Call us right away to prevent this from happening. 

Whistling and screeching sounds could indicate inadequate airflow or they could be the result of failing bearings, along with many other things. Call us for an air conditioner repair service. We’ll find the cause and fix it. 

Unusual Odors

The same holds for unusual odors. You know the smell your AC makes. If you smell something unfamiliar from the unit, contact us. If the smell reminds you of gunpowder or something burning, reach out for an emergency AC repair. The problem might be an electrical short in a circuit board or motor. 

If the smell is sweet and reminds you of acetone, you need an AC unit repair. This smell is probably refrigerant leaking from the unit, which could harm your health and the environment. Call us for an AC repair right away. 

A musty, stale odor suggests your AC unit or ductwork has mold or mildew in it. Contact us for an AC repair, as the mold can harm your health. We will make the repair and recommendations on permanent mold remediation equipment for the system. 

Excessive Humidity in the Home

The air conditioner should remove humidity while cooling the home. Let us know if the home cools but remains humid. We will examine the system, find the cause, and fix it during your air conditioning repair service. 

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We are your AC repair experts. Our company serves the residents of Mansfield, Texas, and the surrounding areas, as we have done since 1985. We arrive at your home prepared to complete the air conditioner repair service and will treat the property with the same respect we treat our homes. Our friendly and professional technicians answer your questions and provide recommendations on maintenance, repairs, replacement, and more. All you need to do is ask, and we will be there. Call us or contact us here today for your AC repair needs.