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Drain Cleaning in Mansfield, TX

If you’re looking for professional drain cleaning in Mansfield, TX, you’ve come to the right place. Clogged drains can start to cause further issues and make it difficult to get things done around the house. Whether it’s the toilet, the sink, or something else in your home that’s clogged, it’s important to have it fixed fast. Professional drain cleaning can get any drain working again. 

Do you have one or more drains that are working slowly or not working at all? Schedule drain cleaning services today. Contact us online or call KMP Plumbing, Heating & Air at (817) 453-8028 to get the fast help you need. 

What Causes Clogs?

Clogs can be caused by many different things going down the drain and can appear slowly over time or suddenly. When a drain starts to work slowly or stops working completely, it’s important to call a drain cleaning company fast to get it working again. Some of the common causes of clogs include the following. 

Hair Build-Up

Hair ends up getting stuck on other dirt and grime along the pipes in the drain and can build up to cause a clog. Professional bathroom drain cleaning can remove all the hair, completely clean the drain lines, and get the shower or tub drain working again. 

Grease in the Drain

Grease should never be poured down the drain, but it happens. When grease goes down the drain, hydro jet drain cleaning may be needed to clear it out and get the drain working again because of how hard the clog is to remove. 


Toiletries should never go down the drain or be flushed down the toilet. If they are, a drain cleaning may be needed to fully clean the drains and get them working again. 

Other Objects in the Drain

Objects can end up being accidentally flushed down the toilet or stuck in a drain. Anyone with young kids in the home has likely experienced this once or twice. If something is stuck, our professionals can remove it and get the drain working again. 

Tree or Plant Roots

Trees and plants can end up growing into the main sewer line coming out of the home. When they do, not only do they cause a clog, but they can cause the pipes to leak, too. It’s important to have this fixed fast to prevent further issues. 

Do Cleaning Chemicals Work?

Today, there are plenty of drain cleaning chemicals on the market, and it may be tempting to try them because of their price. However, they may not be effective and can damage the pipes over time. Instead, a drain-cleaning snake should be used to clear any clogs. Let our drain cleaning company use a drain cleaning snake to clear your clogs so that you know the job is done right and that your pipes are still in good shape. 

Dealing With Recurring Clogs

Sometimes, even after a drain cleaning is done, the clog will come back. It is important to figure out why the clog is occurring and coming back again, as changes may need to be made to prevent them. However, if the clog keeps coming back and you aren’t sure why, it could be due to a clog further down in the sewer line. This will require a sewer drain cleaning. We can help with sewer drain cleaning to stop the clogs from coming back. 

When It Becomes an Emergency

Sometimes, it’s not possible to wait for help, and an emergency drain cleaning may be needed. We offer emergency drain cleaning if you have an issue that needs to be fixed fast. If a toilet is clogged, for instance, or sewage is backing up into your home, call for fast drain cleaning services to get everything working again. 

Call Us for Fast Drain Cleaning Services in Mansfield, TX

If you’ve noticed any drains in your home running slowly, a drain cleaning may be needed. At KMP Plumbing, Heating & Air, we can use a variety of methods, including hydro jet drain cleaning, to safely remove any clogs in your drains. We can also help with kitchen or bathroom drain cleaning to keep everything working properly. 

Clogs can be a pain to deal with, so if you notice any issues with the drains in your home, let us help with a drain cleaning right away. Call KMP Plumbing, Heating & Air at (817) 453-8028 or reach out online for fast help with any drain issues in your home.