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Did you recently discover your home’s piping system is out of date or have you purchased an older home as an investment property in need of new pipes? Whole house repiping is an extensive and difficult job that demands the attention of an experienced plumbing team. We have the tools, equipment, and experience to handle your re-piping service professionally with minimal risk. KMP can handle new property piping or repiping for an existing property using reliable materials from trusted manufacturers.

Whole House Repiping From KMP

KMP understands that some old plumbing systems may continue working well for many years, and others require replacement as soon as possible. While it’s sometimes possible to only replace a section of your property’s pipes, other situations will demand more extensive repairs. Repiping is a straightforward but labor-intensive process, and our team has the experience to handle it as efficiently and safely as possible.

We’ll start with a thorough diagnostic process to determine the full extent of repiping that your property requires. We can also help you determine the most cost-effective solutions if you want to upgrade your plumbing system, add new water fixtures, or use different appliances once the repiping is complete. The KMP team is highly experienced when it comes to working with the latest plumbing technology to help you determine the most future-proof solution to your property’s plumbing situation.