Home Comfort Club


Your comfort system and plumbing may not seem exciting, but it is critical to your home’s well being. As a Club Member, you’ll satisfy the maintenance requirements for any extended manufacturer warranties—and your membership is transferrable to the buyer of your current home. Additional benefits include:

  • Priority scheduling (even on our busiest days) and we call you to schedule
  • Twice annual “Energy Savings” tune-ups, cleaning, heating and a/c adjustment
  • One annual whole home plumbing inspection
  • Discounts on service repairs -10% off plumbing and 10% off HVAC! Every time!
  • $29.00 service fee
  • No overtime or after-hours charges
  • 2 Year Warranty on Parts & Labor
  • Potential problems are spotted before major failure

Benefits of Planned Maintenance

  • Peace of Mind
  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Fewer Breakdowns
  • Longer Equipment Life
drain cleaning

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Note: When calling for service please identify yourself as a Club Member


$10.95 per month

$131.40 Yearly

INCLUDES: 1 whole home inspection per year. $29.00 diagnostic fee. 10% off all repairs. All for $10.95 per month or $131.40 yearly!

*Membership for up to 3 full bath home.

Air Conditioning & Heating

$13.95 per month

$167.40 Yearly

INCLUDES: 2 checkups per year. $29.00 diagnostic/dispatch fee. 10% off all repairs. All for $13.95 per month or $167.40.40 yearly!

*Membership fee per HVAC system home


$21.95 per month

$263.88 Yearly

BEST VALUE! Combines both the plumbing and HVAC memberships into one easy and affordable plan! All for $21.99 per month or $263.88 annually!


1. Inspect toilets
2. Dye test all toilets for internal leaks
3. Inspect faucets
4. Inspect hose bibs
5. Visually inspect washing machine hoses
6. Inspect operation of garbage disposal
7. Inspect back flow devices to verify need for testing or replacement
8. Inspect water heater for visible signs of leaks or corrosion
9. Check main water isolation
valve, water heater valve and hose bib valve
10. Inspect exposed piping
11. Inspect exposed fixture drains
12. Record water pressure

Gas Water Heater Inspections (additional):

1. Visually inspect main burner and pilot
2. Inspect flue pipe
3. Inspect for gas leaks at water heater
4. Inspect for water leaks
5. Inspect operation of emergency cut-off
6. Visually insect temperatures and pressure safety valves
7. Check gas control valve for normal operation

Electric Water Heater Inspections (additional):

1. Inspect for water leaks
2. Inspect emergency cut-off
3. Visually inspect temperature and safety valve
4. Inspect drain valve


1. Clean and adjust burner assembly
2. Clean ignition assembly
3. Visually inspect flu
4. Monitor refrigerant pressure
5. Test starting capabilities
6. Test safety controls
7. Clean or replace air filters (customer supplied)
8. Measure for correct air flow
9. Tighten electrical connections
10. Measure volts / amps
11. Adjust thermostat calibration
12. Check evaporator coil if accessible
13. Clean condensate line at unit
14. Measure temperature difference
15. Visually inspect air purifier
16. Visually inspect humidifier/dehumidifier
17. Visually inspect duct work