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Drain cleaning is an important yet often overlooked aspect of maintaining any residential or commercial property. If you have not invested in professional bathroom drain cleaning or kitchen drain cleaning in the past, we can provide a level of thorough service you might not have expected. High-pressure drain cleaning can help you avoid clogs and ensure your drainage system continues to run as smoothly as possible.

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Hydro-jetting: High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

If you have encountered a problem with your drain, you have probably tried conventional solutions, such as flushing the drain with boiling water or using a store-bought drain cleaning product. In some cases, these techniques may be enough to clear a clog, but not entirely. Some bits of the clog will remain and collect more residue, eventually leading to another blockage. In these situations, you need a solution beyond what conventional methods can offer. KMP offers professional high-pressure drain cleaning services to ensure the drains in your kitchen and bathroom continue performing at optimal levels.

We use an advanced hydro-jetting technique to flush your drains with an intense stream of highly pressurized water. Instead of relying on chemicals to destroy clogs, we use the brute force of a high-pressure stream of water to completely dislodge and blast away clogs. If you have encountered problems with a kitchen or bathroom drain and conventional treatments haven’t worked, contact KMP and ask about our high-pressure drain cleaning services.