You may not know that your hose bibb froze over the winter until you turn on the faucet for the first time in the spring.
????1. Inspect for leaks inside of your home. This may seem strange since it is an outdoor spigot but if you turn the hose on for the first time this spring and notice a leak in the walls of your home, you may have a cracked pipe from the freezing winter temperatures.
????2. Look for leaks along the wall beneath the hose bibb, such as water leaking from weep holes in brick homes. Water coming from your wall means that the hose bibb is damaged behind the wall and should be replaced.
????3. If, after turning the water off, you notice water leaking from the handle or spigot of your outdoor faucet, it is possible that you could need a simple washer replaced inside of the hose bibb. It is also possible that the entire hose bibb may need to be replaced instead.

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