KMP Enrichment Blog for the month of June 2020

By David Applegate

Opening Day!

Opening Day for baseball has been happening for over a century.  In the sporting world, baseball has been lifted above all other sports as America’s National Pastime.  And, when you think about it, no other game during the regular one-hundred sixty-two game season has been as eagerly anticipated as Opening Day.  Just look at any die-hard baseball fan’s calendar.  You will see they have marked off time for vacations, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries.  All of which are often forgotten and pale in comparison with the coveted first game of the new baseball season.  Ask any fan what day is the “official” start of spring.  Chances are their answer will be Opening Day.  Much more than just an event, Opening Day is an experience.

At KMP we recently had our own “Opening Day.”  It was the very day we were given permission to enter our new building.  A building that has been dreamed about, hopefully anticipated, and prayed for by our owners and top management team.  There may not have been the fanfare that is often associated with Baseball’s Opening Day.  Admittedly, there were no large crowds, long lines, hot-dog wrappers, soda cups, fireworks or flyovers.  There were, however, hearts filled with gratitude; for others, a deep since of gladness and the realization of being truly-blessed among all of those that were in attendance.  It was a day unlike any other day at our company.  For those of us who were there to witness this event there was an overwhelming understanding that we were watching a chapter of history being written for our company that marked the beginning of a new era.  An era that would include an investment in the lives of our employees that is not only unequaled, it is unrivaled.

As we toured the building, walked the halls, visited the offices and took in the ambiance; many of us were able to see past the new look and the new sounds.  It was evident that many who were in attendance were able to catch a glimpse of the incredible vision of our Founding Family.  A vision that included more than just employees showing-up with the hope of earning a weekly paycheck after hours of hard work and tedious labor.  But instead, it was a vision that included education, training and advancement for all of those who chose to gather under the banner of KMP.  This vision was for the many young men and women that would soon be coming to attend leadership classes, OSHA classes and classes that will help them learn true art of craftsmanship.  It was a vision that was able to see an eager employee begin as an apprentice; and then advance to the level of Journeymen.  This family and their vision was large enough to include those men and women who will carry on the legacy of KMP for generations yet to come.  This new building, however, is not the end of a great vision – it is just the beginning!  And all of us who were gathered there at that time were thankful to be part of such a great Opening Day.