KMP Blog for May 2020

By David Applegate


“What is our Company doing to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus?”


All around us industries, policies and procedures are changing.  And our attempt to keep pace with these many changes is a true challenge!  As we look at our community we see train cars that are empty, buses that do not run their routes and air terminals that are silent.  We see restaurants without customers, hair salons without patrons, schools without students and playgrounds without children.  Here in Arlington we did everything we could to build a new baseball stadium dreaming that it would be filled with cheering Ranger fans on Opening Day; but the happy cheers have yet to be voiced and fans are still hoping to attend their very first game.

All this 6 foot-posturing in public, personal protection equipment and shelter-in-place may look like separation but in reality it is solidarity.  It is sacrifice and service for the greater good of not just our local job sites but to our global family.  It is a sign that through isolation we are battling this virus not as individuals but as one voice.  And it is in that very idea that we all find hope.

As a Company we are participating in this battle.  Our numerous attempts to prevent the spread of this virus and to be part of the solution can be seen in many different ways.  To begin with we applied for a grant and have received government assistance to help employees who must stay at home because of COVID-19.  We have purchased face-protection for all our employees who have to wear face-covering while working on their job sites.  We have ordered dark shaded safety glasses for those ones who need to work outside on job sites, like rough-ins.  As a company we have provided wipes and disinfectant spray at our work sites which allows our employees to keep their hands and tools clean and to wipe-down surfaces within their offices.  All of our employees are encouraged to stay home if they believe they have been in contact with someone who has been identified as having the Coronavirus.  During our weekly Tool-talks at each job site we have provided COVID-19 information and education for our workers.  In this way they will know the different steps that must be taken in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

One other step that I personally know is being taken in order to release the grip of this awful pandemic, is prayer.  There is power in prayer.  I believe that when we call out to the Lord in prayer and ask for His protection that He responds.  The Bible tells us that His ear is not deaf to our calls and His arm is not short.  But instead He is able to hear us and He does provide for us.  We are also told that even before we ask in prayer He is already responding to our request.  Prayer may seem like a small item to do in the face of such a huge need, but it is the greatest action that can be taken during these critical times.  Yes, our company is providing tangible items and helpful information to keep us safety safe during these dreadful days, and for that we are all thankful.  But I also know that there are many in our company who are praying for our protection and to this army of prayer-warriors I say, “Please don’t stop!  We need you to continue interceding for our workers, our job sites and our KMP family!”