KMP Leadership Blog for March 2020.

By: David Applegate

Use the B-E-S-T Acronym!

From all that I have seen, I believe that many companies fail to tap into their greatest potential.  And why does that happen?  Because for most companies the only reward they give their workers is a paycheck.  Sadly, but all too realistically, the relationship between the employer and the employee never seems to develop beyond this initial point.

I believe, however, that truly successful companies take a much different approach.  In exchange for the work a person gives to their company, they receives not only a paycheck, but also nurturing from the very people for whom they work.  And it is this process of nurturing that has the ability to transform not only a workers attitude but even their lives.

As our Safety Manager and Industrial Trainer, I take the following approach to nurturing:  always be looking for and try to identify potential leaders within our company.  Once this happens, I then begin the work of nurturing by investing time and energy, and building them into the Leader they can possibly become.  To do this I use an acronym to help me when new workers get hired into our company.  The acronym is the word, BEST.  I believe that new hires to our company need each of us to:  B – believe in them; E – encourage them; S – share with them; T – trust them.

This idea of using the word B-E-S-T is just the beginning of the numerous steps I take in developing and nurturing Leaders within our growing company.  As I look down the road I can see that at this very moment we are taking huge strides in order to tap into our greatest potential – which is, the employees who allow our company to become an incredible work-force.

With the construction of our new building almost complete, it is evident to all of us that our future is not only solid and stable, but also futuristically-bright.  The plan and vision for this beautiful structure is two-fold:  on the one hand, it will house the ever increasing and constantly flourishing Residential side of our company.  And, on the other hand, it will allow us to expand, grow and develop our vision to include Plumbing Continuing Education Classes, our Leadership Training and OSHA 10 & 30 Classes, and our dream of offering Life-skills Development classes to benefit not only our employees but their families as well.  And what is the goal?   That is easy; the goal is that all of these classes and all of this education will take place inside our state-of-the-art classroom facility which will be housed within the walls of our Workforce Training Center – for the purpose of nurturing our Workers and investing in their potential.

And, why does our company want to take these enormous steps of growth?  That too is easy to answer.  Because their desire is for us to know that amidst all the new that surrounds us:  the new year, the new decade, the new season of Spring, the new building, and our new classes; that their purpose and desire has not changed.  It always has been and it always will be: to build Champions for success both in life and in the work place!